Friday, December 30, 2005

Oh I Think They Like Me!

Inspiration: Dem Franchise Boyz

What I'm Listening To: Ghostface Killah's "Ironman"

Question(s) I asked myself today: 1) Would someone please tell BET that an old ass episode of Rap City is not necessarily "classic?" 2) Whatever happened to the RZA? He used to come out with hot beats like every week, I can't remember the last time I even heard a RZA track.

Let me first put this disclaimer out there: I don't really like that song, but dammit e'ry time I start my car, Franchise is on the radio. If it ain't them, its that insipid "Laffy Taffy" crap. I really need to invest in some new CD's. But anyway, I hope everybody had a very merry one. It's been a while since I posted so let me catch you up. I didn't go home to Savannah for Christmas. I basically spent the whole weekend with my homegirl's family in College Park. Friday night was K's birthday, and we went to this Cajun restaurant in the CP with her fiance, her mom and aunt and a couple of other friends. It was mad cool, the food was on point and they had a jazz band playing. We even got the saxophone player to embarrass the shit out of her with a rendition of "Happy Birthday." Christmas Eve I went back to College Park for a Christmas party at K's mother's house. I was driving so I wasn't able to get down on the Henny like I wanted to, but I had fun anyway. The only bullshit was that I left my cell phone charger when I jetted so all Christmas Day, my cell was dead. When I finally got it back and charged my phone, I had like 12 Merry Christmas messages to return.

I got this new woman I've been hollering at for a couple weeks. I can't seem to figure her out. Sometimes she seem like she wants to be just friends, but other times she seems like she wants more. Before you tell me I should just come out and ask, let me tell you a little about my issues. I hate, can't stand, can't abide by, can't handle rejection. I know it happens even to the pimpin-est of pimps, but logic has no place in my mind sometimes. Oh, I think she like me, but time will tell if it can grow.

On the other hand, I got this other chick that is just chasing a nigga. There is no doubt what she want. I could knock that off at anytime I want, but like Pac said "I don't want if it's that easy". Besides, she got no conversation skills and she don't comb her hair. I got a thing for hair, I don't care if its real, weave, braids, long or short, it just has to look good. I think that is a prerequisite for me to talk to a chick. Some niggaz need a big ass or big breasts, I need a cute face and her hair gotta be did. That's just my fetish.

Damn, I forgot how fucking raw this Ghostface joint is. I'm going have to put this and GZA's "Liquid Swords" in the ride tomorrow. It's a Wu-Tang day tomorrow. At least then I won't have to hear "Oh, I Think They Like Me" on the way to work. Holla at y'all later. Until then...

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