Saturday, January 28, 2006

So High That I Could Kiss The Sky part 2

Inspiration - "How High" Redman and Method Man

What I'm Listening To - "36 Chambers" Wu-Tang

Question(s) I asked myself today - "How long is this post going be? I need to go out tonight"

I intended to take some time before I wrote the second part of this, but I just had to keep it moving. Let me tell you about the second event that led to me stopping smoking weed. When I left off last time, I told you about how Kareem and Tori travelled through the gateway of weed to the isle of cocaine. We didn't completely stop hanging out, but I found myself associating with other people. I found a new circle of friends at my job. It was my first job out of college and was nowhere near being in my field, but there were lots of young Black people there and we tended to gravitate together. I found myself being a social butterfly for the first time. We would stay out all night and come to work in the morning like nothing happened. Our motto was "sleep when you die." Wednesday night was hip hop night at the Zoo. Thursday night was Reggae Night at Frozen Paradise. Friday and Saturday we would alternate between Frozen, the Zoo or smoking out at someones apartment. I guess you can tell there really wasn't much to do in Savannah, but we were content.

One night, I made plans with some co workers to go to a club in Hinesville. Hinesville is a military town, about 45 minutes away from Savannah. I had heard that it was a country town, but they had some fine women out there so I was down. I took the road trip with Terrell and Charita up Interstate 16. Terrell was a clown nigga that I normally wouldn't hang with and Charita was just a mad cool female who handled her beauty with ease. I had already had a couple of drinks before we left so when Terrell pulled out a bag with 4 prerolled blunts I was down. He handed the bag to me in the backseat and I lit up the first blunt and immediately knew it was going to be a long night. This weed tasted like nothing I had ever had before. "What kinda weed is this?" I asked as he drove. I think he said "Kush" but I really wasn't listening b/c I was already high. I passed the blunt to Charita and after she got on it she passed it to Terrell. I noticed that he didn't inhale, he just kept blowing out the smoke. Normally, I would call that clown ass nigga out on that, but I was so gone, I couldn't really form the words. Next thing I know we were in Hinesville at another one of our coworkers house.

I sat my intoxicated ass down on the couch while we waited for the rest of our group to finish getting ready. My recollections are cloudy, but there were at least 4 more females who were rolling with us that night. 3 of them worked with me and then there was Nicole. Nicole was the epitome of a Black beauty. I mean she looked like Lauren Hill before she went nuts. I don't know whose friend she was but I was determined that by the end of the night she would be mine. Anyway, once the other girls were ready, we lit up another one of Terrell's blunts before we headed to the club. The weed affected me like never before. The lights in the house seemed to be pulsating like a strobe light at a rave but I was the only one who noticed. I found myself staring at Nicole for the whole time. When I saw her, I didn't just see her beauty, I actually envisioned her draped in the white attire of an angel, complete with a halo. I knew I was tripping, but I couldn't help surrendering to the hallucination. Eventually, Charita brought me back to reality by letting me know that we were about to bounce.

We hopped into our respective cars and within 5 minutes we had reached our destination. I can't remember the name of the club, but i think it was something like The Station. We were 7 deep, 5 of them women, and all eyes were on us when we stepped in the spot. At least that's what the Mary Jane told me. We danced, and talked for a while but I couldn't shake off my highness. I wanted to bolt and just go somewhere by myself until I came down, but I had no earthly idea where I was, so I ordered a beer and stood by the dance floor. I nursed that glass bottle for about 45 minutes when extreme paranoia set in. I felt like everybody in the club was watching me and that prospect made me extremely uncomfortable. Mary Jane told me, "the next nigga to look in your direction, bust him upside the head with the bottle." My right arm was getting ready to follow her instructions when my left hand came to its senses. I stood there literally stopping myself from cracking a nigga's head open. I can only imagine how ridiculous I must have looked with my left hand struggling against my right hand, but thank God I was able to resist that urge.

At some point I got rid of the bottle and and made my way to the dance floor to continue my pursuit of my Black angel Nicole. We danced for a little bit, and I tried to put the moves on her, but as I said earlier, I was still high. So high that I could touch the sky. I had to sit down. I found a spot on the stage next to the DJ booth and vegged out with a blank stare on my face, thinking about how I was going to get Nicole. The next thing I knew, this other girl I worked was sitting next to me talking about how good her stuff was and how i would be sprung if I hit it. Don't ask me how it happened cuz I don't even know, but I looked up and co worker chick was giving me a lapdance in the club. My mind immediately went to Nicole and I looked up and saw her give me a look that could kill. Damn, I blew my chance with a beautiful girl who was into me. To top it off, I just knew that this was going to be the main topic of conversation at work on Monday. When I finally got home, and started to come down, I thought to myself, I have got to stop smoking weed. To be continued.

It was written...


Blogger nikki said...

now i know how you felt when i left you hanging on the 'phil' story. DAMN.

Sat Jan 28, 09:57:00 PM  
Blogger T. Cas said...

Wait no longer, the final chapter has been posted. Now when can we get Phil part 2 on your joint???

Sun Jan 29, 02:49:00 AM  
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