Thursday, January 26, 2006

twenty-five questions I'm asking you

Nikki wanted to get all up in my business, so she tagged me with this questionnaire. Check it out:

twenty-five questions I'm asking you

1. are you content with your life? Yes for the most part
2. if not, what would make you content? I would be more content if I could stick to my plans
3. if so, what makes you content with it? I just like who i am. I'm a cool dude if I say so myself
4. what do you like most about yourself? My intelligence
5. what do you wish you could change about yourself? My procrastination
6. what irritates you most about other people? extreme neediness
7. what state do you live in? if not in the u.s., where in the world you at? Smyrna, GA, USA
8. what do you look for in the mate who would be most compatible for you? (you'll notice i didn't say perfect mate, cuz there is no such thing as perfection, only perfection in imperfections). I need a girl that has a sense of humor, loves music and has a brain. If she's fine, that'll work too
9. do you enjoy giving oral sex? Yes
10. if so, why? I love to see h.e.r. reaction
11. if not, why? n/a
12. how old were you when you lost your virginity? 17
13. was it a good experience for you? It was then, but I now realize that i had no idea what i was doing
14. what motivates you to wake up each morning? Obligation either to work or to family and friends
15. what do you see yourself doing in five years? I want to be the man who comes up with the ideas instead of the one who enforces the ideas
16. what is your 'big plan' for 2006? stack some chips
17. what do you love most about being single/involved/married? The thing I love most about being single is not having to do anything I don't want to do. You didn't ask, but the thing I hate most about being single is the lack of steady companionship
18. how often do you have sex in a week? This week twice. In the last few months, it might range anywhere from zero to none.
19. do you masturbate? see answer 18
20. what are your favorite television shows? 24, Lost, The Shield and Nip/Tuck until that BS season finale
21. who are your favorite actors/actresses? Currently Don Cheadle and Sanaa Lathan. But all time would have to be Al Pacino
22. what are you listening to on your ipod/cd player right now? The Minstrel Show - Little Brother, Some Kinda - Dwele, Flo'acism - Floetry. If you read my blog, you'll see that I change up the music all the time. I keep 100 cd's in the car at all times, b/c I never know what I want to listen to.
23. give me three adjectives that best describe you. loyal, laid back, and sarcastic
24. what is your zodiac sign? Sagitarrius. November 25th.
25. what do you love most about blogging? I just started in December, but I like blogging, b/c it gives me a chance to write everyday. Also, I think that I have some interesting things to say sometimes. Finally, I don't really talk about myself that much, so blogging is a way to communicate with the outside world, without making myself vulnerable to personal judgements.


Blogger nikki said...

i'm all up in your biz like an enema. i hope it's not too uncomfortable for you. LOL

Thu Jan 26, 10:57:00 PM  
Blogger Accomplice said...

that was good, but i'm a little unclear about questions 18 and 19. did you get a booty call this week?

Fri Jan 27, 05:19:00 AM  
Blogger T. Cas said...

Accomplice: I wouldn't call it a booty call, but I chilled with a old friend this weekend. And as for question 19, my pride won't let me just say yes, so you figure it out by reading the second part of the answer.

Nikki: after last night's IM session, you know more about me than my family and the FBI does.

Fri Jan 27, 12:14:00 PM  
Blogger Olawunmi said...

i liked reading your answers, you sound like a fun person. and the bit about how many times you have sex/masturbated was really amusing...

Fri Jan 27, 08:19:00 PM  
Blogger T. Cas said...

Thanks Olawunmi: I'll be checking out your blog soon

Sun Jan 29, 02:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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