Thursday, May 25, 2006

My CD Collection

This post was kinda inspired by what jumped off in the comment section yesterday. Mocha brought up a song by Next and I had to pull out the cd. I then looked at some of the CD's I have purchased in the last 15 years and was shocked. I couldn't believe that I actually paid money for some of these. I know some of them are obscure and I might actually be the only person in America who still owns these CD's. Check some of these out.

My First CD's

I remember my first CD's. I got them at the end of 1990. I had plenty of tapes but I had been wanting to upgrade to CD's for a while. So my mom got me a portable CD player for Christmas that year. My first cd's were:

K - Solo "Tell The World My Name." I know some of you will remember this one. It had "Your Moms' in My Business" and "Spellbound" on it. This dude would just start spelling in the middle of his raps. I still have this CD.

Monie Love - "Down To Earth" -This one had "Monie in the Middle" on it. I think I wanted this joint cuz I had a crush on her.I still got it but i don't think I ever listened to anything on it besides that song and 2 others.

The first CD I bought with my own money was Gangstarr - "Step in the Arena" I remember I went to the mall on Super Bowl Sunday '91 and got this joint. I kept this in heavy rotation for over a year. I tried in vain to turn people on to this CD, but I guess it was just ahead of its time. I was the biggest Gangstarr fan in the world back then.

And now on to some of the forgettable R & B CD's I own:

Billie Lawrence - Paradise. I looked at the songs on the CD and I cant even pick out the single. Anybody remember her?

AZ Yet - This was the cd with "Last Night" on it. I thought they were gonna be big, b/c they were on LaFace, but they were never heard from again.

Sparkle - I freakin' love this CD. She had that hot single "Be Careful" with R. Kelly. I think he did the whole album. Why she didn't blow up, I'll never understand. Maybe Kels pissed on her career like he did to her niece (allegedly). LOL

Mona Lisa "11-20-79" - First of all, for some reason I have 2 of these CD's. Whats that about? She had one hot single "Can't Be Wasting My Time"

Monifah "Moods...Moments" This was another nice CD that didnt really get any shine. One of my exe's turned me onto this CD. I remember she came back with some wack dance song for the next album.

Adina Howard - "Do You Wanna Ride" I aint gonna lie, I bought this CD b/c she was talking freaky, but its actually pretty good. Or it was, I havent listened to it in years.

Playa "Cheers 2 U" - One of my all time favorite R & B albums. I don't know too many people up on this one. They had good harmony and Timbaland beats. I know on of the dudes from this group went on to produce for Aaliyah, but they never came out with another mainstream album.

Ok, now on to some of the forgettable hip-hop/rap albums I got. I was shocked that I bought some of these.

Nine - Nine Lives. I remember bumping this joint in my moms Ford Tempo back in the day. Let's just ignore the fact that I have no idea who this guy is, he actually inserts frog sounds into his rhymes. Like "one-ribbit, two-ribbit." Comical style aside, he had some hot beats though.

Little Shawn "The Voice in the Mirror" - He had this song "Hickeys On Your Chest." Can't remember any other song, but he was one of those pretty boy, make the ladies dance rappers.

Kam "Neva Again" One of the few West Coast rappers I bought back in pre "Chronic" days. Ice Cube put him out and he was a political Black Power type of rapper. I dig the CD even though I cant recall what his single was.

Keith Murray "Enigma" Everybody probably remember "The Most Beautifulest Thing in the World" Well, that ain't on this CD. Pretty much nothing is on this CD. Keith was always a pretty good rapper, but he wasn't exactly good at maintaining a career. He always has high points like that FUBU joint and his verse on that R. Kelly song, but then he has albums that get forgotten like this.

Smoothe da Hustler- "Once Upon A Time in America" He had that one joint called "Broken Language", but the rest of the album is garbage. I don't even remember buying this album. I had to steal this one.

Tracey Lee "Many Faces" Another gimmick rapper. He had 5 different rap personas on one album. The CD was good. I remember I played this a lot, especially the title track and the cut with Biggie, "Put Ya Hands High."

Slimm Calhoun "The Skinny" and Cool Breeze "East Points Greatest Hits" - I must have been in my down south phase then. They were affiliated with Outkast, and I bought these b/c of their verses. Don't get me they are okay albums, but I can't see myself spending money on them.

Any Bad Boy Album except Da Band - I got Black Rob, G. Dep, Puff Daddy, Mase, etc. The thing about these CD's is that they are actually very good, but they fly under the radar. Bad Boy makes complete albums, and even if the artist gets dropped after the first joint, I still got the CD.

There are some of the CD's I got that most people dont have. Or maybe I'm wrong. Do you have any of these? What are some of the slept on albums you have? What CD's did you buy that make you scratch your head in disbelief?

It was written...


Blogger Bygbaby said...

Monie Love - "Down To Earth", damn you reached way back for this one LOL

Sparkle's Be Careful was the shit back when.

Thu May 25, 02:55:00 AM  
Blogger Cocoa Girl said...

Dude...People really did sleep on Monifah's joint. It was hot. We used to listen to it all the time!

Another one that was good, but really didn't get any play was Donnell Jones's first CD. It had 'Playas in the Hood' on it.

Granted, I laughed at the song in public, but used to rock it fidolo.

Great post!

Thu May 25, 08:49:00 AM  
Blogger Mocha_Grl said...

Ok, I'm gonna come back and make a real comment, but can I tell you i still will break out Playa?! Cheers 2 U still makes it on of my slow jam CDs

Thu May 25, 09:44:00 AM  
Blogger Miz JJ said...

I had the Playa CD and I also have the Nicole CD. I bought it for that track 'Make it Hot'. I had that song on my beeper for months.

Slept on album I have is 'Legends' by Above the Law. They're a West Coast group and that CD was tight.

Thu May 25, 10:20:00 AM  
Blogger The Stiltwalker said...

who in the hell is Billie Lawrence? I've still got Del the Funky HOMO on tape. Found it the other week, lol.

My first CD was 'nevermind' by Nirvana.

Thu May 25, 10:56:00 AM  
Blogger NegroPino™ said...

I liked that song by MOnifah :)

Thu May 25, 11:02:00 AM  
Blogger Paula D. said...

Aww man! I own that Cheers 2 U CD by Playa. I still play it once in a while. Love it!

Thu May 25, 11:45:00 AM  
Blogger chris said...

wow....i didn't recognize any of those artist. I was only 11 in 1990.

Thu May 25, 11:47:00 AM  
Blogger Nika Laqui said...

I've been tryin to find that K Solo joint forever...

Thu May 25, 12:03:00 PM  
Blogger NegroPino™ said...

What about Jon B? WHat ever happened to him?

Thu May 25, 12:50:00 PM  
Blogger T. Cas said...

@ byg baby - Monie was the ish cuz she was cute and could rap

@ cocoa - I dont think I know that Donnell Jones cut. I'm gonna have to check it out.

@mocha- Cheers 2 U is my soundtrack of the day. I played this cd on the way to work.

@ miz jj - I had that Nicole CD, but I must have lost it. Putting it on my download list now

@ stilt - Billie Lawrence was a R &B singer, but I couldnt remember any of the songs. Nevermind was the shit.

@ free agent- I didnt like the way she switched her style up... but the video was hot.

@ paula d. - another vote for Playa, I really thought I was the only fan

@ chris- are you trying to make me feel old? LOL I was 16 back then.

@ nsane - when I s-p-e-l-l, very w-e-l-l... I loved that back in the day.

Thu May 25, 12:53:00 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

What happened to Nine? That used to be my joint..."Whatchu want Nine? An ill posse and my name up in lights N I N E". I think his larnyx gave out or something...especially how he he had throat cancer or something.

Thu May 25, 01:20:00 PM  
Blogger i like liquor and tv said...

I didn't start buying CD's til lie. My first CD was Brand Nubian - Foundation

I remember N-I-N-E...haha.

I got Keith Murray, The Most Beautifullest CD. My fav tracks were Most Beautifullest and Get Lifted..nice beats on that album.

rofl@Tracey Lee...hahaha

I remember Slim Cutta Calhoun. Was his song "It's alright girl, it's OK"? I like Cool Breeze too. Did you ever listen to Witchdoctor?

The only Bad Boy album that I got is that first Biggie and Craig Mack.

stilt, I loved NEVERMIND. I had the tape tho.

Thu May 25, 02:05:00 PM  
Blogger i like liquor and tv said...

Oh, obscure albums that I own.

off the top:

Chunky A - Arsenio's rap personality. I got this at the used record store not too long ago though.

Mass Influence - Dope ATL group.

I got 2 Monie Love cd's..rofl. They're almost always at the Used CD store for 3.99. I don't even think I've listened to them.

Another Bad Creation - I used to be embarrassed, but mad people be asking me to borrow this cd.

Some NFL Jams cd - still unopened

Zhane - actually plenty of people may have gotten this

Bushwick Bill - No Surrender No retreat - still

Thu May 25, 02:52:00 PM  
Blogger P said...


I had Today (Girl, I got my Eyes on You) Lo-Key (Sweet on You), and Vesta (For You). You couldn't tell me nothing when I was rolling in my black toyota Cressida.

Keith Murray? Where did YOU dig that one up from. . .

I remember when I used to buy cassette singles, three for ten dollars at the swap meet. I had the West Coast Rap All Stars "All in the Same Gang". Remember Michel'le, used to sing "Don't you know we got to put our heads togetha - Stop the violence, cuz we all in the same gang" HAHA. The BOMB, man!

Thu May 25, 03:07:00 PM  
Blogger Mocha_Grl said...

I think one of my first CDs was Bobby Brown -Don't be Cruel. I don't remember what year that was but I hung onto tapes for a minute.

Ohhh I also had C&C Music Factory...really wtf was i thinking. Don't judge me T!

Thu May 25, 04:04:00 PM  
Blogger The Stiltwalker said...

lol @ Liquor's ENTIRE collection. Please. Trash. Now.

Thu May 25, 05:28:00 PM  
Blogger T. Cas said...

@ Charles - He did sound like he swallowed glass.

@ Liquor and tv - I had witchdoctor on tape for some reason. I always thought he would have been bigger. Chunky A? You sleeping on the Bushwick. You need to open that up and prepare for a barrage of cursing, killing and coolness. That CD is hilarious

@ P - I wish I had Today's CD and Michel le was pretty tight as well.

@ mocha - I'm not judging you, really I'm not. Although now I have to admit I am envisioning you in Spandex with a long weave dancing around singing "Gonna Make you Sweat" LOL

Thu May 25, 07:05:00 PM  
Blogger "N" Search of Ecstasy said...

Damn, you got all the old school joints!

Thu May 25, 08:37:00 PM  
Blogger i like liquor and tv said...

rofl@Stilt. It was embarassing even typing most of that

Tcas, people loved witchdoctor, I'm not sure why he fizzled out

Thu May 25, 10:56:00 PM  
Blogger cupcake27 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Fri May 26, 08:51:00 AM  
Blogger cupcake27 said...

billie lawrence had a song featuring rampage i had the single but that was her only song but she did appear in alot of flip mode videos the song wat hot she had on this real cute white outfit in the video (don't ask me how i remember that)

okay i had klymaxx- "men all pause" "meeting in the ladied room" "i miss you"
....that was my first cd b/c my mom got me that from the dollar store b/c there were black people on the cover....

the first cd i bought myself was brian mcknight's first cd.......

but do you remember.....

hi-five "kissing game" "unconditional love" from menace to society

the boys "dial my heart"

soul for real "candy rain"

fine young gentleman (they had the Ooh la la song)

MC brains (he was fine as hell, at the time i did not know about oochie coochie to tough but i know whatever it was i wanted to give it to him)

chi ali with the "roadrunner"

A+ "latchkey kid" i still have his cd and that sh*t is still hot fire!!!

camp lo "luchini" what do we do after we sip our amaretto! sidebar: that is still you drink of choice, isn't it? disaranno?) groove theory "tell me"

gina thompson "the thing you do" f. missy elliot whith that hee-hee-hee-how trademark

i had the new york undercover soundtrack that had some nice jams on it

......i could go on "t" you know my collection is off the chain.....WOW

Fri May 26, 09:00:00 AM  
Blogger Mocha_Grl said...

Sheeet I could pull it off...not sure why I would want to

@cupcake: Hi-Five! Loved them, but then again I loved Tevin Campbell too so what do I know. Can we talk...for a minute

Fri May 26, 09:28:00 AM  
Blogger T. Cas said...

@ cupcake, you got some hits (and misses) in your collection. I moved from the Camp Lo "Sonny Cheeba he be sipping amaretto" to Biggie's "grand marnier increase the don's strength"

@ mocha - all females in the 90's get a pass on the Tevin Campbell. His music was tight, so y'all didnt realize that he was singing to your brother instead of you.

@ everybody - I just got an email from Ticketmaster about the Brand New Heavies coming in concert. That reminds me I got there CD "Heavy Rhyme Experience" they did with all the popular 90's rappers

Fri May 26, 09:43:00 AM  
Blogger cupcake27 said...

CONFESSION: i liked raven samone's song that's what little girls are made of...ohmigosh....i...i..can't believe i finally came clean....

@mocha i loved me some tevin i lost my virginity to that break it down song that 2nd cd had few songs that were before his time

intro and silk ==>loose control and come inside

subway that song with 702

Fri May 26, 11:44:00 AM  
Blogger Cocoa Girl said...

"This is it, WHAT? Lucini falling from the sky; let's get rich, what..."

Who's dat, T.Cas?

Fri May 26, 01:17:00 PM  
Blogger T. Cas said...

@ cupcake - that was an overshare. LMAO

@ cocoa Camp Lo (ah) Camp Lo (ah)

Fri May 26, 02:07:00 PM  
Blogger Sangindiva said...

I STILL bump Sparkle's be careful...
Maybe she should have taken her own advice!!
HI T- Cass!! *waving*

Fri May 26, 02:26:00 PM  
Blogger Tenacious said...

*dead* @ "forgettable R & B CD's". I had every single of these cds! Don't be fronting on Mona Lisa and Sparkle, those cds were my cuts! LOL

Ok I admit that I had a Shaq, Smooth ("Mind Blowing"), Those girls who sang "He's mine/U mighta had him once/but I got him all the time", Rappin' 4 Tay, and a Soul for Real cd under the bed somewhere. Ok and so I still listen to Sisqo's 1st cd (man some of those songs were good don't front!)

I can't really think of any cd that I have bought that people have slept on. I really liked Common's BE cd. I don't know how it sold but I still like it.

Wed May 31, 09:00:00 AM  
Blogger ScarlettRae said...

I got the MoniLove joint on CD, too. Bought it eons ago, but since she and I share a name, I guess I should get pardoned for owning it, right?
LOL. Prolly not.

oh, btw, I got a music quiz fo that ass! You gotta come by and check it out!


Wed May 31, 02:18:00 PM  
Blogger i like liquor and tv said...

that camp lo album was dope

Wed May 31, 04:27:00 PM  
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