Monday, December 18, 2006

A Good Weekend

What's good bloggers and bloggettes!?!? I had a pretty good weekend. Friday, I hung out with some of my former coworkers. After work, I went to the Cheesecake Factory at Cumberland Mall with a crew for an early birthday celebration for my homegirl, K. I got off at 5 and was supposed to meet them at 6, and for one of the first times ever in my whole entire life, I was the first one there. Matter of fact, I was so early, that I walked around the mall for a little. I hate the mall most times, but since its been probably about 6 months since I been there, I was okay. Went to Macy's to find me some new smell good and I came across a few. My favorite was Polo Double Black, so if you just so happen to be in the market to get T. a Christmas gift, that would be a good choice. Enough shameless pandering, everyone finally arrived and we finally got seated at the restaurant around 7:15. We had a good time catching up and cracking jokes and stuff. I had the Chipolte Chicken Pasta and a couple of mojito's that weren't quite strong enough. All in all, it was a good time and I wasn't my normal reserved anti social self.

After the dinner, I headed to my sister's crib to watch my niece and baby nephew. I love them kids something terrible. My older nephew had a function at his school and I stayed with the other kids while my sister went with him. My niece was knocked out, but the baby fought sleep for awhile before I finally got him down. It's so cool watching a baby learn things. Their minds are like a blank slate. It could be my imagination, but I swear that I taught the baby how to count on his fingers. Okay, I know he didnt know what i was saying, but when i counted on his fingers, he did the same on mine. I got him to sleep at about 11, and chilled the rest of the evening.

I didn't really do anything on Saturday, besides talk on the phone and watch TV. My love hate relationship with the Falcons continues as they lost once again.. this time to the Cowboys. Loudmouth T.O. scored a couple times and although I do like him, I hated to see him run through our defense. On a side note, i'm starting to get my appetite back and I ate twice on both Saturday and Sunday. Sunday was another day to chill. I hung out with my nephew and niece while they cleaned up the guinea pig cages and played with the baby some more. Later that night, I got up with a friend and hung out with her and her baby at a lake (okay, its a man made lake, but you get the point.) We had a good time just chillin, and as much as I don't do outside, I really enjoyed being one with nature. The skies were clear and the stars were shining. I think its time for me to have a baby of my own and stop bogarding other people's kids. Anyway, that was my weekend, how was yours? Anything exciting?

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Anonymous Diva (in Demand) said...

It is great to see babies learn new things. It's like actually watching a clock work...tick tock. I used to make kissing sounds when I would blow my nephew a kiss. Now he makes those sounds when he sees me. Like it's his own personal auntie Diva way to say hello. It's awesome!


Mon Dec 18, 06:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You see "Trish" this weekend?

Mon Dec 18, 07:16:00 PM  
Blogger Paula D. said...

Sounds like yours was super cool & laid back! I did some more Christmas shopping & started packing for my trip to Florida this week. Happy Holidays!

Mon Dec 18, 07:35:00 PM  
Blogger Tenacious said...

wait *blinks* YOU went out?!

Was early?

AND you ate?! Like real food?!

I see it is time for an intervention *lol*

Well I for one am GLAD you went out homie...and I peep the shameless promotion for a x mas gift I mean it's not like you're asking for this great dress that you've peeped on Amazon and you would look great in which would make a great x mas're asking for cologne...tuh the nerve


Mon Dec 18, 08:25:00 PM  
Blogger Tenacious said...

@ T

Same ol' same ol' over here on my blog...just changed it up a lil' bit

come on now...this is me we're talking about...did u really expect some change?

Mon Dec 18, 08:26:00 PM  
Blogger Nika Laqui said...

My weekend was bougish cause the Falcons let them funky Cowboys and TO spittin ass win the game...

Mon Dec 18, 10:20:00 PM  
Anonymous Christina said...

I wish you a healthy and honest relationship in 2007. You deserve love unconditionally. Be blessed and enjoy the holiday season...

Tue Dec 19, 07:12:00 AM  
Blogger onefromphilly said...

OK I'll say it... @ Anonymous,
Fuck you!!!

"I think its time for me to have a baby of my own and stop bogarding other people's kids"

Hmmmm.. this was an interesting statement!!??

Tue Dec 19, 09:48:00 AM  
Blogger i like liquor and tv said...

I miss Cumberland Mall. Is that liquor store that's next to Carabbas still there? That used to be my spot.

I really wish I liked kids and thought they were cute. I feel abnormal.

Tue Dec 19, 10:12:00 AM  
Blogger SandyBaby said...

I'm glad that you had a nice weekend. That was really nice of you to babysit your sister's kids. Uncles that babysit are awesome!

Tue Dec 19, 10:43:00 AM  
Blogger Knockout Zed said...

Babies be needin' shit, yo.


Tue Dec 19, 11:40:00 AM  
Blogger SynSational said...

Glad to see you were out and about this weekend and also enjoying time with your niece and nephews.

Tue Dec 19, 12:08:00 PM  
Blogger DurtyMo715 said...

aww T. aren't kids the best? My lil goddaughter, Simone, is one of the most funniest little people I know! She cracks me up! She'll be two in March and already form complete sentences, count, and she knows her abc's. It's precious! Ugh@anonymous..

Tue Dec 19, 12:55:00 PM  
Blogger "J" said...

That polo black is so good that it causes an immediate sexual reaction so double polo black must be the ultimate. Be careful wearing that...might cause strangers to jump on you!

Tue Dec 19, 06:12:00 PM  
Anonymous The Goddess said...

Yeah! Babies are great. The littlest one is my fourth so you would think I wouldn't get so excited about certain things. I love just watching him when his imagination get going. It's amazing. Your niece and nephews probably love you something terrible too. I'm sure whenever you have your own you'll be a great daddy.

Sounds like your weekend went well. I haven't drank in who knows HOW LONG, but you got me over here wanting a mojito, or two or three. Smile.
Dang you Cas! lol

Tue Dec 19, 08:27:00 PM  
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