Sunday, January 15, 2006

It Was One of Those Days

Inspiration - "Mona Lisa" - Slick Rick Well, it was one of those days -- not much to do/ I was chillin downtown, with my old school crew / I went into a store -- to buy a slice of pizza / And bumped into a girl, her name was Mona -- what? Mona lisa/ (what?) *singing* mona lisa, so men made you"

What I'm Listening To: "The Day After" Twista

Question(s) I Asked Myself Today: Do I really like the Black Rob album or am I just trying to like it b/c his last one was hot?

Operation: Piss You Off was a success. I felt like George Bush when he landed on that aircraft in a flight suit during the war. Mission Accomplished. But just like Bush, this was a short lived symbolic victory. I won the war, but I forgot about the insurgents. Yesterday, she was gone, but this morning she's back already. I'll have to regroup and come with a new warplan later. Let me just catch y'all up on my weekend.

I went to see Hostel with Jessica yesterday. That was a seriously demented movie. It's like a mix between a porno movie and a horror flick. It wasn't scary or suspenseful at all, but it had some of the grossest killing scenes I've seen. I won't give away too much about the movie in case you haven't seen it, but that part with the eye was nasty as hell. Jessica watched the whole thing with one eye covered. It was pretty funny since it was her idea to go see it.

As far as the rest of the weekend, I really don't have much going on. I'm going to try to catch on my sleep. I was looking on the web and have self diagnosed myself with Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome. If you don't feel like reading the link, basically it means my natural sleeping patterns are the opposite of normal people. I like to sleep during the day and can't sleep at night. I've been like this since I was in high school, but I never knew it was a real sleep disorder.

I also need to go out and get that new Anthony Hamilton CD. Someone burned me a copy, but when the album is that hot, I gotta go get the real thing. I also want the Biggie Duets album, just b/c it's Biggie. I eventually need to go grocery shopping too, but I think I'll do that after midnight when nobody else is in the store. Football is on today and I'm going to watch, but it just ain't the same without the Falcons. I'm rooting for the Colts to win it all now. I used to be a Tampa Bay fan and I don't think Tony Dungy got enough credit for their success a few years ago so I hope he gets a championship now.

Other than that, I am just counting the hours until 24 comes on at 8pm. 2 hour episode tonight and 2 hours tomorrow. I'll holla at you later.

It was written...

P.S. A couple of people have asked me why I call this blog It Was Written. The title comes from Nas' second album. I just always liked that phrase. It sounds like some prophetic, Nostradamus type stuff. It makes it seem like what I write about is actually important. Also, this is in the form of the written word. So, there you have it. It was written...


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