Tuesday, January 10, 2006

When I'm Alone in My Room

Inspiration: I Need Love - LL "When I'm alone in my room, sometimes I stare at the wall"

What I'm Listening To: Nothing

Question(s) I asked myself today: Just keep reading. There are too many to list here

I hate the silence. I can't even sleep without the TV on to distract me. When it's too quiet, and I'm alone with my thoughts, I start to think about anything and everything. Here are some of the random thoughts I had tonight while I was laying in my bed:

What is Pat Robertson's problem? If you don't know about this read this. Why does this guy think he knows what God is thinking?
Speaking of God, I wonder what Heaven is like.
I wish I believed in reincarnation.
Do other races spend as much time thinking about race as Black people do?
Maurice Clarett = Marcus Vick. Both of these guys have blown all their chances to be star athletes.
I wonder if Dave Chapelle is really crazy, or if he is just somewhere counting his money and laughing at all of us for obsessing about him.
I do not care about Jessica and Nick. Or Brad and Angelina. Or Halle and Eric. Or Superhead and the whole hip hop community. I don't care who is dating who.
Why does Entertainment Tonight and all of those other shows get into celebrities personal lives?
I can't stand when people act like they really know celebrities just b/c they see them on TV.
I also don't understand the appeal of getting a celebrities autograph. What's the big deal?
Sanaa Lathan is a really cool person and I want her autograph.
Why do Black people love court shows so much? I mean Judge Hatchett, Judge Mablean, Judge Mathis. Enough is Enough. Maybe it's just me but I want to stay away from the court house as much as possible.
I like when Maury and Jerry Springer show white people making fools of themselves.
Does this make me racist? If not, this will.
Why are there so many Mexicans at Wal Mart? Why do so many Arabs or Persians run convenience stores?
Oh my God, I think I'm racist. No, I'm not. Well maybe a little.
I really do respect peoples differences and I don't have a problem with other races. Except...
I have never dated anyone from another race. Unless you count "Amerie", she is Black and Korean or "Halle" she is biracial (Black and White.) But they were more Black than anything else.
What makes someone Black? I don't know, this is getting too deep for me. I need to turn the tv on or listen to some music. I don't feel like getting up and I can't find my remote.
Magic Johnson does NOT have AIDS. It was some kind of global conspiracy to raise awareness (and condom sales.) It worked too. I hate conspiracy theories even when it's my theory.
Remember Illuminati? Back in the day, smart college kids and street thugs really thought Illuminati was running the world. I think secret societies really exist, but you'll never find out about them b/c they are secret.
George Bush doesn't care about Black people. George Bush doesn't care about poor people. George Bush is a good leader for his people, but not mine.
Talib Kweli had a line on The Beautiful Struggle that went something like "the muhf*cing Democrats be acting like Republicans" I think that's true, so I have to ask: Will it really matter if the Democrats take back the White House and Congress?
Barack Obama is cool, but what does he really stand for politically? I'd be lying if I said I knew.
I should read more, I have a degree in English. I just don't feel like it.
If I hate the silence so much, why am I just sitting here?
Okay that's enough thinking for one night. Time to get up.

It was written...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saaaaame Here. I completely know what you're talking about, the tv distraction that keeps you from having random thoughts, the conspiracy theories, and the random thoughts that I still get if the tv isn't distracting me enough. Although sometimes the tv is to bright but I need the light, the flashing, just dimmer.

Wed Jun 13, 09:51:00 PM  
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