Friday, July 14, 2006

One Thing Leads To Another

Inspiration "One Thing Leads To Another" - The Fixx "Do what they say, say what you mean/One thing leads to another/You told me something wrong, I know I listen too long/But then one thing leads to another"

What I'm Listening To - "Greatest Hits Vol 1" - Isaac Hayes

Question(s) I Asked Myself - "Why ain't I sleep?" I always write some crazy shit when I'm sleepy.

Time for one of those infamous random posts AKA I don't feel like writing a real post. Maybe I'll say something crazy enough for you to comment on. LOL. Let's go!!!

Why the hell do I have a MySpace page? You wanna see it? Here it is!

Do people on MySpace really think they are your friends because you added them?

I really appreciate my blog and IM friends.

I read way too many blogs.

I haven't read a book in a couple of years.

In a couple of years, I need to be settling down.

My brother is settling down and getting married next month. I need to hurry up and get my tux this weekend .

I'm gonna beat my brother down next time I see him for buying something on my ITunes without permission. If you reading this, I want my $1.03.

Do I really need permission to hang up with your crazy ass?

Crazy ass people seem to congregate towards me. Is crazy attracted to crazy? Am I crazy?

Being attracted isn't enough anymore. I need more than a big butt and a smile.

Never trust a big butt and a smile.

I think I have trust issues because I think everybody is a liar.

I am a rehabilitated liar.

Can criminals really be rehabilitated?

Me and my boys used to be some petty criminals and I still think about ways to come up. I don't go through with them though.

Why do people act so petty sometimes?

Why do people insist on trying me at work? I invented the game you playing, homey. I was doing that dirt when you were still working at the Orange Julius with acne and braces. You can't get shit by me.

That dirt under your nails ain't cute, Ma. Get you a manicure or something.

When you talk to me its like nails on a chalkboard. I'm not joking when I tell you to stop talking.

Why am I talking to you when you don't even know about my blog? At least I hope you don't.

I really hope the Knicks dont suck this year, but if they do I'm okay with that because then we can get rid of Isaiah Thomas.

I'm going to change the name of this blog to "Fuck Isaiah Thomas" since I say it all the time.

I also say "It is what it is" all the time. I need a new catchphrase.

Oh well, I guess it is what it is.

Guess what? I'm not making any sense.

People don't always get my sense of humor.

If you are reading this, I know you are just trying to humor me.

I know I should be sleep by now.

Sleep is the cousin of death. I always write crazy shit when I'm tired. Like this.

I'm tired and I'm going to bed now. This post was stupid.

It was written...


Blogger The Mistress said...

Well due to the fact that I will be having sex in a few hours (after two months of a celibate nightmare) and can't sleep either, this was a nice way to laugh and pass some time.

P.S- I hate Isaiah Thomas too but not more than that sorry shyster Larry Brown! Dude is a trickster for real! Getting paid simultaneously from all these teams he fucks up! He is one tricky SOB who should be banned from coaching in the NBA FOREVER!!!!! Why the figgity fuck does he think he deserves to be paid for the rest of his contract when he didn't give two shits about winning during the entire season and got his ass canned for violating policy?! He was TRYING to lose with his crappy ass coaching tactics! Playing the best individuals on the team for 20 minutes a game! I'll be damned.

Ok, did I just go on an NBA tangent? I do that sometimes, sorry. I need to go to bed too.

Fri Jul 14, 05:11:00 AM  
Blogger Royce's Daughter said...

WHOA...3:11AM, you Ok?

*Dead* @ Orange Julius...that use to be the hottness back in the days. They're hot dogs were the bomb.

I say "it is what it is" all the time too...guess I need a new one as well.

This was funny...

Fri Jul 14, 09:25:00 AM  
Blogger i like liquor and tv said...

I got a big butt, but I don't smile. Would you trust me?

Fri Jul 14, 09:37:00 AM  
Anonymous The Goddess said...

I have a big butt and a GREAT smile and am VERY trustworthy DAMMIT! Smile.

Fri Jul 14, 09:44:00 AM  
Blogger *snake*bite* said...

That was a good blog - sometimes i feel like that and that is bad as i am usually at work when writing blogs. But i give you credit for that. I think people are at their most creative when they are half asleep i reckon it is because your subconscious kicks in and tells the truth.
Take care

Fri Jul 14, 10:23:00 AM  
Blogger nikki said...

i've got a tiny ass, which means i'm trustworthy.

Fri Jul 14, 10:38:00 AM  
Blogger T. Cas said...

@ mistress - congratulations on the sex. LOL Isiah sux and I intentionally misspell his name every time I write it.

@ royce's daughter - I have periodic bouts of insomnia, well not really insomnia cuz i can sleep all day, but I just stay up too late

@ lq and tv - I'd have to see the butt first. LOL

@ the Goddess - yeah, I'm sure you are but you already have the God

@ snake bite - if this is your first time here, you may wanna read one of my older posts. This one sucks. LOL

@ nikki - okay, I beleive you... really, I do. Remember I already know how you lie. LOL

Fri Jul 14, 10:53:00 AM  
Blogger The Stiltwalker said...

Yea change it to Fuck Isaiah Thomas just so I can link you and have the word 'fuck' on my page. LOL

BTW- NOW I know where I've seen you before. YO ASS went to SSU....................

Fri Jul 14, 11:11:00 AM  
Blogger NegroPino™ said...

MYSPACE SUCKS!!!!!!!!But if i had one i woudl be your FRIEND til the end....THanks......

Fri Jul 14, 11:42:00 AM  
Blogger Knockout Zed said...

I love Isiah Thomas for two good reasons: 1) He is first and foremost a former Piston. We were garbage until he put on that uniform, 2) I'm not a Knick fan.

I got a myspace page that I don't do shit to. It's just there. I treat that shit pretty badly. I think it just reminds me of my fuckin' BP days.

Daydreaming is the third cousin of vigilance.


Fri Jul 14, 11:55:00 AM  
Blogger JoJo D. said...

Okay, Tcas: I want some that moonshine YOU been drinking! By the way: who wrote/sang the song "I Talk To Myself Cause There Is No One To Talk To"?... This insomnia crap must be goin' 'round because I swear I'm only averaging 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night myself. I don't do good with sleeping pills; I might fall asleep, and it might get real good, and I might not hear the alarm clock ringing. Have a good weekend, Tcas.

Oh yeah: you're not crazy. We all have other sides to our real selves. I secretly nickname myself "Sybil" LOL!

Fri Jul 14, 12:03:00 PM  
Blogger blue butterfli said...

You need some rest, some therapy or both.

I'm only kidding!! (LOL)

Happy Friday!


Fri Jul 14, 12:38:00 PM  
Blogger Tenacious said...

Crazy ass people seem to congregate towards me. Is crazy attracted to crazy? Am I crazy?

^^You knnow I wonder about this myself. I think I am crazy due to the fact crazy people gravitate towards me.

**sorry my f*cking power went out last night, you know my ass was pissed!!!**

Myspace is the devil, T. Cas be wary of folks on MySpace.

and just when I get the song of my head....Never trust a big butt and a smile :-)

Now it's back...

At 3 am...I was having a nice argument....check for the post later on today

Fri Jul 14, 12:46:00 PM  
Blogger Mocha_Grl said...

Never trust a big butt and a smile huh?

So your personal ad is gonna read:

SBM seeking flat ass, broke teeth SBF.
If you have no dirt under your nails..hit up T.Cas.


That girl is poison...

Fri Jul 14, 12:57:00 PM  
Blogger T. Cas said...

@ stilt - I told you that a long ass time ago. Let me find out you dont be reading my comments on your blog. LOL

@ Ill nana - Myspace does suck, I cant beleive I allowed myself to get peer pressured into getting a page

@ KZ - I cant think of his past accomplishments, i can only see him ruining the Knicks. I havent done a thing with my page either

@ Insanity - Isn't it Christopher Williams? Them pills aint no joke, I might not wake up

@ blue butterfli (I forgot the other name) - Is it wrong to need another vacation after one week> This blog is my therapy.

@ Tenacious - MySpace is the devil, Don't argue with the Bf until he takes care of the French Stalker - oh next time he jumps out tell him to "mange merde" and see how he reacts. LOL

@ mocha - you gonna answer the ad? LOL

Fri Jul 14, 01:46:00 PM  
Blogger Miz JJ said...

Isaiah Thomas has f*cked up the Knicks until at least 2010. People will look back at his tenure and realize he was worst GM than the dude before him. Although Toronto is definitely giving him a run for his money.

Reading is good for you. It can help cure insomnia.

Fri Jul 14, 02:35:00 PM  
Blogger NegroPino™ said...

I will not let the pressure get to me.............IF u are an adult is sitll called PEER pressure?

Fri Jul 14, 03:38:00 PM  
Blogger Nika Laqui said...

I don't trust people either, cause they are LIARS...I'm the only one that tells the truth....

"I'll sleep when I'm dead"

Fri Jul 14, 04:04:00 PM  
Blogger fallen angel said...

why the hell do you always have me in this damn office crackin up??? my damn ex told me the same thing about US needing to be settling down in two years--uh, yeah, you see that he's my ex and has been for over three years. how the hell you gonna tell me WE need to settle down and WE aint even together?!?!

by the way, damn right never trust a big butt and a smile! that's why i'm glad i have a flat butt and big breasts!!!!! :) hahahahhahahahaha

Fri Jul 14, 05:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This had me dying laughing. You said everything that people think but may not say out loud.

Sat Jul 15, 01:28:00 AM  
Blogger T. Cas said...

@ miz jj - I read too much in college, I dont want to see a book.

@ ill nana - don't do it. Be strong for the both of us.

@ nsane - damn right. lying muhfuckas

@ fallen angel - LOL - so should I trust you? I'm sure big breasts and a smile are poison too.

@ eps - I really thought this was stupid, glad you liked it. LOL

Sat Jul 15, 04:24:00 AM  
Blogger fallen angel said...

hell yeah you should trust me!!!! i never said big breasts and a smile weren't poison too, just saying there are various "calibers" of toxicity. shyt, anthrax is different than cyanide boo! LOL

Sun Jul 16, 11:22:00 PM  
Blogger ScarlettRae said...

At this juncture, who doesn't have a myspace page? Hell, I have a myspace page, and I'm sure Oprah does, too.

Speaking of celebrities, you ever wonder about those bored, uninspired ppl who create pages posing as celebs? That's just insane..LOL

As for a catch phrase, I don't have one, but I do have two mottos for 2006:
Work it! Work it!
I'm still here. It's by the grace of God.

Maybe it's time for a motto?


Mon Jul 17, 04:06:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post so was not stupid. That's cool!

BTW, petty criminals, eh? Can't say that I know anything about that one...


Mon Jul 17, 08:51:00 AM  

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